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Dear international guest,

a warm welcome to you to my homepage.

My name is Thorsten Zörner and I was born in May 1970 in Bremen, Germany. I dance and teach and breathe and live argentine tango. All that started back in 1997 at the famous El Corte, while I lived and worked in Nijmegen in Holland. It certainly gave me a good start into tango, which started off as a hobby and which has been transforming into my passion, profession and philosophy. Over the last couple of years, I have spend considerable time in Buenos Aires to find new inspiration and explore various styles of the dance. In 2003 I founded my own tango studio in Düsseldorf, which is currently located in my studio TangoSpezial.

Teaching tango I enjoy as much as I enjoy dancing tango. I approach tango and teaching my own way: I assume that every student already moves perfectly according to his and her ideas about tango and according to their body perception. So my task is to adjust these ideas and sharpen their perception. This way you can learn tango with a smile.

Also I love to DJ. I prefer to play traditional tango and fancy cortinas. Apparently I am one of the last DJs who work with CDs only, really handcrafting every session. Dancers feel and appreciate the difference, when every single song is selected and started by hand. I have repeatedly DJed in Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Lviv, Moscow, Münster, New York City, Nijmegen, Paris/Montrouge, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart and Sudak (Ukraine), and also in Boston/Cambridge, Edinburgh, Essen, Freinsheim, Fürth, Gummersbach, Hamburg, Kehl, Leipzig, Lisbon, Lyon, Nîmes/Aigues Vives, Oslo, Sätra Brunn (Sweden), Vienna, Warsaw, Washington DC and Yale/New Haven. Invite me to work at your milonga!

In my courses I currently teach tango to about 100 students each week.
There are some more students in my workshops on weekends at least once a month here in Düsseldorf and also in other cities.
I am totally convinced that prácticas are the way to get comfortable in tango fast and thus give prácticas every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you would like to know more about me and my work,
please do call me and leave a message at +49 211 15 85 12 02
or send me an e-mail Thorsten@TangoDuesseldorf.de.